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The Pearl

Quino is a Mexican diver who discovers a pearl at the bottom of the sea. He and his wife Juana, and their son have just taken possession of a pearl that is worth thousands. Everyday people try to get in on the cash, even Pearl Dealers try to rip them off. When Quino is attacked one day, he kills his attackers in self defence. His brother suggests their only hope is to leave the village. But on their journey to give their son an education they never had, someone may just do anything to prevent it.

Kategorie: Abenteuer, Drama, Romantik
Laufzeit: 85 Min.
IMDB Wertung: 7.7 | Info
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Regie: Emilio Fernu00e1ndez
Land/Jahr: 1947

Pedro Armendu00e1riz, Maru00eda Elena Marquu00e9s, Fernando Wagner